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The series aims to enable children to observe the processes of scientific inquiry and technological problem-solving in action, while also learning about physical science concepts and seeing positive attitudes towards learning. Each episode focuses on themes such as: family, growing up, relationships between family members and friends, learning how the world works and how to use one's imagination. So while the emphasis of Zou the series is very much geared towards entertainment, there will, as a corollary, be a certain instructive content; the results of Zou's explorations of the world and the boundaries which are set for him by his family, and the constricts of the extent of his knowledge will be there for the audience to experience and to investigate for themselves.

Zou - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: Running

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 2012-05-12

Zou - Zou (TV series) - Netflix

Zou is a French animated children's television series inspired by the books of French author Michel Gay. The show was produced by the French company Cyber Group Studios for Disney EMEA, and it premiered on Disney Junior (UK & Ireland) in May, 2012.

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Bizou David Stripeman (Zou): A young, grade school aged and fun-loving zebra Zou is generally clad in a white T-shirt under yellow overalls. He is the main protagonist of the show, and shows interest in many career paths. Neighbor Elzee. A running plot of the show is that Zou exits school at the beginning of the episode. Then Zou mentions interest in a certain career. He is then countered by neighbor Elzee stating “I thought you wanted to be a (other career path).” Zou responds by saying “That was last week, now I want to be a (new career path.)” Voiced in the U.S. version by Kannon Gowen. Poc: A Quaker parakeet, and Zou's constant companion. It is unclear whether he is considered a pet or a “person”, since several signs of anthropomorphism are shown in his character, and yet he cannot talk. Also, it seems like the show's conception of “humans” is reserved to zebras only. He lives inside what looks like a cuckoo clock in Zou's bedroom. Elzee Blackhoof: Zou's next door neighbor. The same age as Zou, Elzee is generally clad in a long purple dress. Her ears seem to be rather large, in comparison to the other characters, and even make her slightly taller than Zou. She is far more sensible than Zou and often contradicts his outrageous ideas, but still joins in. She seems to harbour a romantic attraction to Zou, often acting shy or giggling with rembarrassment when he compliments her. She is a bit more of a tomboy than Zinnia, and seems to enjoy soccer, often taking part in Zou's extravagant activities. In the English version of the show her voice is portrayed by Roisin Gadd (Seasons 1&2) and Maisie Jack (Season 3). Zinnia: Zou's cousin. She's a budding ballerina who sometimes tends to be snooty and stuck-up. She is never seen without dance clothes on and is more feminine in comparison to Elzee who is a bit more tomboyish. It seems that she is an unofficial antagonist of the show. Zou does not seem to like her very much and often makes excuses to avoid having to play with her. She often tries to engage Zou in girlish pastimes such as playing princesses or playing with dolls / stuffed toys, apparently unaware he has absolutely no interest in such things. Despite being a snob, Zinnia is sometimes shown to care for Zou. Zak A. Zoey, Jr.: An eager and excitable young zebra, and another of Zou's friends. He is slightly younger than Zou and Elzee and is generally clad in a red T-shirt, with what appears to be a lime green letter “J” on it, and khaki shorts. His father is Mr. Zoey. No mother of Zak has ever been mentioned. Dad: Zou's father. (David R. Stripeman, Jr.) Mum (“Mom” in the U.S. version): Zou's mother, who often calls him by his full name, “Bizou.” She works at a local hospital. (Elizabeth Stripeman) Grandpa: Zou's paternal grandfather. He is a rather handy zebra, usually found in the garage, building something. (David R. Stripeman, Sr.) Grandma: Zou's paternal grandmother. She is often found baking cakes and other confections. (Lillian Stripeman) Nana: Zou's great-grandmother. She often gives Zou big, sloppy kisses on the cheek. She is talented on the piano, able to play the show's theme song among other songs, and also sings. (Flora Stripeman) Uncle Zavier: Zinnia's father. He is a wealthy businessman and owns the largest house in the neighborhood. Though you never see this in the show. Aunt Zelda: Zinnia's mother. She runs the family's high-end boutique alongside Uncle Xavier. Mr. Zoey: The local shopkeeper/postman, and Zak's father. He is friendly and helpful. Zakary A. Zoey, Sr. Mrs. Brenda Zolli: The school crossing guard.

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