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Posted on Thu 27 June 2019 in netflix

Woollim Entertainment's new 11-member boy group Golden Child will be greeting fans with their first reality show, in sync with their debut.

Golden Child, consisting of Joo Chan, Tag, Dong Hyun, Dae Yul, Jang Jun, Jae Suk, Y, Jae Hyun, Ji Bum, Bo Min, and Seung Min, will be proving that they have what it takes to be an idol boy group through this show, which will be carried out like the Olympics.

WoollimPICK - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2017-05-30

WoollimPICK - Billboard K-Town - Netflix

Billboard K-Town is an online magazine column presented weekly, on various days, by Billboard on its Billboard.com site. The column, launched on January 29, 2013, reports on K-pop music; artists, concerts, chart information and news events.

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The January 2013 column's launch was heralded as a possibility for more K-pop artists than Psy to seek out a coveted spot on the Billboard charts, with the caveat, “Is it finally safe to say, K-pop is here to stay in the U.S.?” Girls' Generation welcomed the column with a video greeting, and the first column article was a feature on “rising K-pop superstars” Infinite. In April 2013, The Korea Herald said the effect of YouTube and the Billboard chart cannot be ignored in the international success of Psy's “Gangnam Style,” and “Billboard's recent interest in K-pop is not a fleeting phenomenon.” By July 2013, a year after “Gangnam Style”, the surge continued, and Psy scored again with a new hit, “Gentleman”. According to Google, 91% of viewership on top K-Pop channels were now coming from outside the Asia-Pacific region, as compared to less than half in 2011. Billboard provided a “Top 10 K-Pop Hits Post-Gangnam Style” (Psy's “Gentleman”, Girls' Generation's “I Got a Boy”, Hyuna's “Ice Cream”, G-Dragon's “Crayon”, G-Dragon's “One of a Kind”, G-Dragon's “That XX”, Girls' Generation's “Oh!”, Beast's “Beautiful Night”, Girls Generation's “Flower Power”, and Kara's “Pandora”); and credited the two groups, Girls' Generation and Big Bang, as major acts that had cultivated large international followings. In November 2013, The Washington Post said that since the late 1990s, Korea had been producing “some of the most exhilarating pop music in the world” and commented on the fans, the “distinctly fervent (and always online) K-pop fan network.”

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