Too Much TV - Netflix

Posted on Wed 24 October 2018 in netflix

Sara Cox, Emma Bunton, Rufus Hound and Aled Jones present the nightly live show, which features celebrity guests, exclusive clips and previews and discussion about the latest TV. In each episode two of the presenting team will feature, as will roving reports Susan Calman and Funmbi Omotayo.

Too Much TV - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-29

Too Much TV - List of Berenstain Bears books - Netflix

This list of Berenstain Bears books includes many in the picture book series (such as “Beginner Books” and “First Time Books”) and the illustrated children's novels, such as those in the “Big Chapter Books” series. Since the first Berenstain Bears installment was published in 1962, the series has sold close to 260 million copies. In addition to writing children's literature, the authors Stan and Jan Berenstain also wrote two parenting books, What Your Parents Never Told You About Being a Mom or Dad (1995) and The Berenstain Bears and the Bear Essentials (2005), as well as their autobiography, Down a Sunny Dirt Road (2002). The Berenstain Bears appear in each of these books.

Too Much TV - The Berenstain Bears Trouble With Money - Netflix

The cubs know a lot about Bear Country, such as the best places for flowers, berries, and honey. However, they don't know a lot about money. Whenever they receive any money, either from doing odd jobs for neighbors or as handouts from Mama, Papa or their grandparents, they immediately run to the mall and blow it all on honeycomb on a stick and cheap toys. Attempts to save money in Sister's piggy bank are short-lived, and Brother does not even own a piggy bank. Mama starts getting concerned about the cubs' attitude, and recommends putting them on an allowance to show the value of money. However, this idea is disapproved by Papa, who cheerfully suggests that this is the time to have a carefree childhood and that they will have plenty of money worries when they are grownup. However, Papa is the one to give the cubs a dressing down about squandering. One day, when Brother and Sister are at the mall, they see a new game called “Astro Bear” at the arcade and run home to ask for money for it. Papa explodes, asking if they think he's made of money or that money grows on trees, and knocking over a chair as he yells. Mama once again attempts to bring up the allowance idea, but Papa refuses, saying that they need to learn to earn their money, just as he did. The cubs take what he says to heart and become small entrepreneurs, selling flowers and berries, guiding tours of Bear Country's most beautiful spots, and starting a pet-sitting business. But when they start selling maps of the locations of all the best honey trees (a family secret), Papa begins to worry. He complains that all they care about now is making money, and they've turned into little misers, which does seem to be apparent as Brother and Sister are seen accounting for all the money they made. He calls the cubs in for a lecture, but before he can begin, they dump all their hard-earned money into his lap, saying that they earned it all for him so he wouldn't have to worry about money so much. A startled Papa is silent, and Mama clarifies with the cubs that she and Papa worry about money, but the purpose of the earlier lecture was to see the importance of hard work and savings. This time, Papa is the one who brings up the allowance idea. They take the cubs' money to the Bear Country Bank and open a savings account, explaining to the cubs about starting a nest egg and how interest works. The bank is inside the mall, and adjacent to the video arcade, so Papa feels that since the cubs have learned their lessons about squandering, the entire Bear family enjoys a round of Astro Bear.

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