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The Price is Right in the UK was hosted by Leslie Crowther (1984–88), Bob Warman (1989–94), Bruce Forsyth (1995–01), and Joe Pasquale (2006–07).

It ran discontinuously from 24 March 1984 to 8 April 1988, with a second run from 1989 to 1994, a third run from 4 September 1995 to 16 December 2001 and a fourth run from 8 May 2006 until 12 January 2007.

The Price is Right - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1984-03-24

The Price is Right - The Price Is Right (1956 U.S. game show) - Netflix

The Price Is Right is an American game show where contestants made successive bids on merchandise prizes with the goal of bidding closest to the actual retail price of the prize without going over. The show was a precursor to the current and best-known version of the show, which premiered in 1972 on CBS' daytime schedule. This makes The Price Is Right one of only a few game shows that have aired in some form across all three of what were then the Big Three television networks. The series premiered on NBC's daytime schedule on November 26, 1956, and quickly spawned a primetime series that aired once a week. The Price Is Right became one of the few game shows to survive the rigging scandal of the late 1950s, and gained even more popularity after other game shows exposed for being rigged had been cancelled. In 1963, The Price Is Right switched networks and both the daytime and primetime series moved to ABC. On September 3, 1965, the show aired its final episode after nearly nine years on the air.

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The first theme song (used from 1956–1961) was an arrangement of Charles Strouse's “Sixth Finger Tune”, originally written for Milton Scott Michel's 1956 play Sixth Finger in a Five Finger Glove. The second theme song (used from 1961–1965) was called “Window Shopping” and was composed by Bob Cobert. This theme was later used on another Goodson-Todman game, Snap Judgment, and later found its way back to Bob Stewart's stable with the short-lived game You're Putting Me On.

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