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Returning after a long absence to Frenchman's Bend, Mississippi, Ben Quick discovers that his father has died and the town controlled by Will Varner. Ben befriends Clara Varner, Will's beautiful daughter, then decides to stay in Frenchman's Bend and rebuild the family farm. Ben has to go to Will for the money he needs. Varner, who despises Ben, is annoyed that his spoiled daughter is so strongly attracted to him, and he grants Ben the loan on the condition that he leave Clara alone. When Clara learns of the bargain, she angrily resolves to win Ben's love.

The Long, Hot Summer - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1965-09-16

The Long, Hot Summer - Long Hot Summer (The Style Council song) - Netflix

“Long Hot Summer” is a song by the English band The Style Council which was their third single to be released. It was composed by lead singer Paul Weller, recorded between 12 and 17 June 1983 in the Grande Armée Studios in Paris, and released on 8 August 1983. In addition to being sold as a conventional two track 7" single, “Long Hot Summer” was also simultaneously released as a four track 7" and 12" EP titled “Á Paris” which also contained the song “The Paris Match” plus two keyboard instrumentals, “Party Chambers” and “Le Depart”. It was also included on the 1983 mini-album Introducing The Style Council. The promotional video for “Long Hot Summer” was filmed on the River Cam in Cambridge. The song reached the position of number three in the UK singles chart making it the Style Council's biggest hit, and it remains a staple of Paul Weller's live concerts to the present day. By coincidence the British summer of 1983, most notably July, turned out to be one of the hottest on record – something that would not have been known at the time the song was written and recorded.

The Long, Hot Summer - Track listing - Netflix

12" Single (TSCX3) “Long Hot Summer (extended version)” “Party Chambers” “The Paris Match” “Le Depart” 7" Single (815 276-7) “Long Hot Summer” “Le Départ”

The Long, Hot Summer - References - Netflix