The Hasselhoffs - Netflix

Posted on Thu 09 May 2019 in netflix

The Hasselhoffs brings viewers inside the household of David Hasselhoff where "The Hoff" is just "Dad" and examines the challenges he faces as a single parent raising two young-adult daughters, Taylor-Ann and Hayley. Despite juggling his multiple entertainment and business endeavors, he is the ultimate "stage dad" and will do anything to help guide his daughters' decisions as they pursue careers in entertainment and manage their up-and-coming group "Bella Vida."

The Hasselhoffs - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-12-05

The Hasselhoffs - The Grand Tour - Netflix

The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series for Amazon Video, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, and produced by Andy Wilman. The four agreed to produce the series following their departures from the BBC series Top Gear with an initial agreement of 36 episodes over three years. Episodes are released weekly to those with Amazon Prime Video accounts, repeats of the first series began airing on traditional broadcasters in late 2017. As of December 2016 the show was made available to an additional 195 countries and various territories. Studio audience segments for the first series were filmed in the travelling tent between 17 July and 11 December 2016 in various countries, while for the second series the tent was stationed permanently in the Cotswolds. Series one was filmed over the course of mid- to late 2016 and premiered on 18 November 2016. Series two was filmed over the same time period the following year; however, filming was set back due to various illnesses and injuries suffered by the presenters. Due to this, it premiered on 8 December 2017. In the days following the launch, “The Holy Trinity” became Amazon Video's most watched premiere episode. Overall, the show has received positive reviews from critics.

The Hasselhoffs - Conversation Street - Netflix

Introduced by Hammond, the trio discuss car news. Running jokes in the first series include Hammond “oversharing” intimate personal information, and Clarkson being cut off after asking “Can I talk about...?” before either Hammond or May introduce the next segment; frequently, the subject he attempts to raise is Alfa Romeo and their new cars. The video introduction to the segment shows the men, in silhouette talking animatedly: in each episode the silhouettes change in various ways. The music used in the intro is a jazz piece called “Heavy Berry” by Scott Robinson

The Hasselhoffs - References - Netflix