Shootout! - Netflix

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Shootout! - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2005-07-19

Shootout! - Shootout - Netflix

A shootout, also called a firefight or gunfight, is a gun battle between armed groups. A shootout often, but not necessarily, pits law enforcement against criminal elements; it could also involve two groups outside of law enforcement, such as rival gangs. A shootout in a war-like context (i.e. regularly constituted armed forces or even guerrilla or insurgent forces) would usually be considered a battle (depending on size), rather than a shootout. Shootouts are often portrayed in action films and Western films.

Shootout! - Toddler dies in shootout - Netflix

July 10, 2005, Los Angeles, California. José Raul Peña, while high on cocaine, threatened his wife, took his 19-month-old daughter Suzie Marie Lopez (or Susie Marie Peña) hostage, then used the child as a human shield while he exchanged fire with the LAPD SWAT team. Peña (using a 9 mm handgun and a shotgun) fired more than 40 shots at the police, and the police fired more than 100 rounds at Peña. Deaths: 2 (Peña and child)

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