RE:Brand - Netflix

Posted on Thu 13 June 2019 in netflix

Comedian Russell Brand meets various members of the public and performs various tasks in a bid to break cultural taboos.

RE:Brand - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2002-06-25

RE:Brand - The Co-operative brand - Netflix

The Co-operative is a common branding used by a variety of co-operatives based in the United Kingdom. Many in the UK consider 'Co-op' to be a single national business, whereas the brand actually represents a number of different consumers' co-operatives spanning various sectors. The Co-operative Group is the largest consumer co-operative in the UK and the biggest user of the Co-operative brand in its 4,500 trading outlets. Many independent retail societies in the UK trade as “Co-op” and many, such as the Midcounties Co-operative and the Central England Co-operative, use the latest incarnation of the common brand. Most co-operative societies have businesses in many different areas; however, the largest areas of the businesses are in food shops, particularly convenience shops, thus the largest and most visible use of the branding is as Co-op Food. The Co-operative brand as it is widely used today came about as a result of the Co-operative Commission's report into the British co-operative movement which recommended that all UK consumers' co-operative societies switch to a universal recognisable co-operative brand. This single brand would be in contrast to the previous array of brands which had existed up to this point including the '1992 cloverleaf', the 'Co-op Welcome' and 'Co-op Late Shop' brands which was understood by the commission to be holding back the public's perception of the co-op sector's modernising approach. Not all of the UK's consumers' co-operative adopted the resultant 2008 version of The Co-operative brand with the Lincolnshire Co-operative and Scotmid being notable examples. At The Co-operative Group's 2016 AGM, it was announced that the Group would go back to a revitalised version of the 1968 Co-op 'cloverleaf' design, utilising a uniform blue through all business areas.

RE:Brand - 2016 cloverleaf redesign - Netflix

As of May 2016, the Co-op group have reintroduced an updated version of the 1968 logo and are moving to phase out the co-operative logo throughout all their fully owned business, in favour of the cloverleaf. This transition includes refreshing all Co-op branded products, within vast areas of the group including Food, Funeralcare and Insurance. The roll-out of the refreshed design was announced at the group's 2016 AGM and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. This coincided with the re-launch of Co-op membership, with a new deal that allows members to receive 5% of their spending on co-op products and services to spend within the business, with 1% of member spending being given to chosen local charities.

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