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Series follows a group of larger-than-life cops who walk one beat during the day as real-life Chicago-area police officers and another at night when they apply their forensic and investigative expertise to paranormal casework. Responding to the pleas of people who are victimized by distressing and inexplicable activities in their homes and workplaces, these cops bring their no-nonsense approach to hunting ghosts and real-life police skills to separate the fact from fiction - and often happen upon results much scarier than expected. As they investigate, the team will also uncover the dark underworld of Chicago's sordid history, which will both inform and enrich their cases as they seek to rid people of the fears that plague them.

Paranormal Cops - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-19

Paranormal Cops - Chris Fleming - Netflix

Christopher Fleming (born May 13, 1967) is an American medium, paranormal researcher, television personality, and public speaker. He has written numerous articles and produced various print and online publications on the topics of paranormal activity and psychic phenomena. Fleming has appeared on several paranormal-themed television programs and is best known as the IPA award-winning co-host of the popular series Dead Famous (2004–06) which is still in syndication internationally. Fleming was also the co-host and featured psychic on A&E's Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal TV show. Fleming frequently speaks at events, colleges and universities throughout the United States about paranormal topics.

Paranormal Cops - Television and radio appearances - Netflix

In 1985, Fleming won a contest on WVVX 103.1 (Now known as WPNA-FM ) for the Angus Young look-alike contest. He appeared on stage with AC/DC during their Who Made Who Tour at Poplar Creek Music Theater for the opening number “Who Made Who” and was selected the winner out of 8 finalists. He appeared on the WVVX radio show with Scott Loftus afterwards and won a replica of Angus Young's Gibson SG guitar and their entire AC/DC catalog. For three years(2004–2006), Fleming was the co-host of the popular TV show Dead Famous, where he joined co-host Gail Porter in search of celebrity ghosts across the United States. Their search took them not only to grave sites, but to some of the most reportedly haunted locations in the U.S. The show is still being broadcast in over fifteen countries, including the Bravo network in Canada, Living TV in the UK, and The Biography Channel in the U.S. The three season span consisted of 26 episodes, two “Return” specials and three live episodes. In 2007, Fleming made a guest appearance on Syfy's Ghost Hunters on Season 3, Episode 12, titled, “Manson Murders.” In addition to “Psychic Kids” “Dead Famous,” and “Ghost Hunters,” Fleming has also made appearances on Born Country, Ghost Adventures, Larry King Live, Reality Obsessed, Scariest Places on Earth, Showbiz Tonight, The Haunted, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and Paranormal Challenge. In 2009, Fleming received the International Paranormal Acknowledgment (IPA) Awards for Best Spiritual/Psychic Medium Male TV Personality, Best National Spirit Medium Male, and Best International Paranormal TV Program winner: Dead Famous. Fleming documented his father, Reggie Fleming from 2007-2009 while his father attempted to recover from a stroke and heart attack. He resided at the Claremont Rehab and Living Center in Buffalo Grove, IL before he passed on July 11, 2009. The videos can be seen on YouTube and have been seemingly praised by children and parents across the globe in their comments and responses. It has sparked Fleming to begin writing a book about his father and the last years they shared together. In 2011, Fleming made an appearance with the Paranormal Cops on an Italian TV series called, “Voyagers.” They investigated the allegedly haunted building known as Casa Madrid in Chicago, IL and their voices were dubbed in Italian. In 2011, Fleming co-produced along with Picture Shack Entertainment a one-hour special called, “Raising The Dead,” about his shamanistic trip to Jamaica to learn the practice of Obeah and Myal. The special is set to air on Animal Planet in 2012.

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