Look Back with a Smile - Netflix

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Lee Duk Hwa is the iron-willed president of a private hospital. At home, he is similarly conservative and severe, stubbornly insisting that his word is law. In an era where young people believe in freedom of thought and speech, however, he finds it difficult to communicate with his children. A storm of problems gives him further headaches: his oldest son Sang Myun fails at his business yet again, and his seemingly perfect second daughter Seung Min suddenly insists on marrying a celebrity. At the end of the day, can he look back with a smile? -- Dramawiki

Look Back with a Smile - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 35 minutes

Premier: 2006-07-03

Look Back with a Smile - Lee Hwi-jae - Netflix

Lee Hwi-jae (born Lee Young-jae on December 29, 1972) is a South Korean TV presenter, comedian, actor, and singer. Lee studied theater at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, then made his TV debut in 1992 as a comedian after working as a floor director for MBC's entertainment program Sunday, Sunday Night. He shot to stardom in the program Life Theater. Since then, he has expanded his career to hosting variety shows such as Sang Sang Plus, Sponge and Quiz to Change the World. He was the third highest-paid entertainer at MBC in 2008, earning ₩574.5 million.

Look Back with a Smile - Personal life - Netflix

Hwi-jae married florist Moon Jeong-won at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on December 5, 2010. Their twin sons, Lee Seo-eon and Lee Seo-jun, were born on March 15, 2013. He and his twins appeared in the variety show The Return of Superman from November 3, 2013 – April 14, 2018. Hwi-jae has two older sisters. Lee Hwi-jae's bongwan belongs to the Jeonju Yi clan, which makes him part of the royal Yi family. He is also a 19th-generation descendant of Prince Hyoryeong, who was the second son to Taejong of Joseon.

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