Les grandes Grandes Vacances - Netflix

Posted on Thu 14 December 2017 in netflix

Les grandes Grandes Vacances recounts the daily life of 2 kids brother and sister, who are left by their parents at their grandparents' house near the Normandy coast for a few weeks at the beginning of World War II. As the war rumbles on, those weeks become five years.

Les grandes Grandes Vacances - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 26 minutes

Premier: 2015-04-20

Les grandes Grandes Vacances - Grand Prix C. F. Ramuz - Netflix

The Grand Prix C.F. Ramuz is a literary award presented every five years by the Foundation C.F. Ramuz to honour a writer's entire work. It has been awarded from 1955 until 2005. The foundation's stated goals are to: maintain the memory of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, and keep his works alive. support the diffusion and the republication of the works of the writer. support critical translations and work, particularly through conferences. help with the creation of spectacles drawn from Ramuz's work. encourage French literary creation and Swiss writers of the French language The foundation also presents a tri-annual Poetry Prize, the 'Prix de poésie'.

Les grandes Grandes Vacances - Laureates of the great prize - Netflix

The following have received the award: 1955: Pierre-Louis Matthey (1893-1970) 1960: Charles-François Landry (1909-1973) 1965: Marcel Raymond (1897-1981) 1970: Philippe Jaccottet (born 1925) 1975: Jacques Mercanton (1910-1996) 1980: Alice Rivaz (1901-1998) 1985: Georges Haldas (1917-2010) 1990: Yves Velan (born 1925) 1995: Nicolas Bouvier (1929-1998) 2000: Anne-Lise Grobéty (1949-2010) 2005: Pierre Chappuis (born 1930) 2010: Jean-Luc Benoziglio (1941-2013) 2015: Catherine Safonoff (born 1939)

Les grandes Grandes Vacances - References - Netflix