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Inked was a documentary series about the employees of the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company in the Las Vegas Valley. The series was created by Jeff Bowler in 2005, and was broadcast by the A&E Network.

Inked - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-07-20

Inked - Inked (magazine) - Netflix

Inked is a tattoo lifestyle digital media company that bills itself as the outsiders' insider media. Covering music, fashion, art, sports and the rest of the lifestyle of the tattooed, Inked, like Vice, has made the transition from the newsstand to digital media company, and a brand that sits among GQ and Vanity Fair. Tattooed women like Kat Von D, Avril Lavigne, Diablo Cody, Eve and Malin Akerman have appeared on Inked's cover. Among the celebrities who have sat down with Inked are Ozzy Osbourne, Tracy Morgan, Slash, Kid Cudi and Billie Joe Armstrong. Inked also covers tattoo artists; they immortalize the best in their Icon feature through which the likes of Don Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi III and Ami James have been honored.

Inked - History and profile - Netflix

Inked debuted in late 2004 and was published quarterly for one year. In 2006, the magazine was purchased by Downtown Media Group but never published an issue. Pinchazo Publishing Group Inc acquired Inked in August 2007. The company hired creative director Todd Weinberger to redesign the magazine, then brought on editor Jason Buhrmester. Upon Burhmester's departure in the spring of 2010 Rocky Rakovic was tapped as Editor. Rakovic brought in celebrity contributors like Adam Levine, Jessica White and Adam Goldberg. Photographers such as Terry Richardson, Ellen Stagg and Warwick Saint have shot for Inked. The company maintains a substantial eCommerce business.

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