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Three brothers Bin, Hyun and Joon become drawn to the very pretty and sweet Yoo Ri, a family friend. Yoo Ri arrives from France to live with them for the summer while attending classes at their university, causing each brother to be attracted to her in a different way.

Feelings - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 1994-07-20

Feelings - Golden Feelings - Netflix

Golden Feelings is the unofficial debut studio album by American musical artist Beck, released in 1993 by Sonic Enemy. The album showcases his roots in the anti-folk scene. Initially available only in limited quantities on cassette, Sonic Enemy remastered the album and re-released it on CD in mid-1999. Beck was upset that they did so without his permission and, after he made his displeasure known, Sonic Enemy ceased to press any more copies. Only 2,000 were made, causing the CD to become quite valuable. AllMusic described the album as “an extremely interesting, entertaining, and humorous document that proves that from the start Beck had his heart set on making experimentation his only gimmick.”

Feelings - Track listing - Netflix

All songs written by Beck.

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