Death Cash - Netflix

Posted on Fri 28 June 2019 in netflix

University student Yuka Minami has the ability to see other people's their death. When her friend suddenly dies, the scene of her death is covered with many 10.000 yen bills marked by black stains. Since this occurence, many people around Yuka start to die in a mysterious way. Together with Detective Takeshi Wakamoto she tries to resolve it.

Death Cash - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-13

Death Cash - Cash Luna - Netflix

Carlos Enrique Luna Arango popularly known as Cash Luna (born 4 March 1962) is a Charismatic Evangelical pastor in Guatemala and along with his wife is the founder of the Casa de Dios one of the largest megachurches in Latin America. Luna is known throughout Latin America for his Televangelism and Faith Healing.

Death Cash - Criticism - Netflix

Luna has been criticized for his faith healing activities and amassed wealth. In June 2014 Luna staged a faith healing event in Villahermosa, Mexico where he claimed that the blind would see, the deaf would hear, and the disabled would walk out of their wheelchairs. Despite initially promoting the event as being free, attendees where charged 500 pesos for the event. Luna ended up making a profit of 15 million pesos from the event (roughly around 1 million US dollars at the time). The same event was also highly controversial because of the death of Nancy Hernández Álvarez. Nancy's parents, inhabitants of Chiapas, had brought their disabled daughter to the service in hope that she would be healed. During the service Nancy was brought up to Luna who proclaimed her healed of her ailments while the crowd applauded what they perceived as a miracle. Shortly afterwards however Nancy suffered from a heart attack and died the following day. Luna refused to admit that his healing had not worked saying that God had created Nancy and it was God who called her back.

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