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Posted on Tue 04 June 2019 in netflix

Over the past four and a half decades, the so-called D.B. Cooper skyjacking case has captivated countless armchair detectives - not to mention teams of FBI investigators - hoping to finally crack the nation's only unsolved act of air piracy. Now a California man, who has assembled a team of investigators, thinks he may have finally solved case, which will be detailed in the two-part History Channel special D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? that airs on Sunday and Monday.

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 85 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-10

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? - The Last Master Outlaw - Netflix

The Last Master Outlaw: How He Outfoxed the FBI Six Times--but Not a Cold Case Team is a 2016 non-fiction book written by Thomas J. Colbert and Tom Szollosi. It details the results of a five-year investigation of a suspect in the 1971 D. B. Cooper hijacking case. The book documents the life of Robert Rackstraw and the evidence compiled against him. It was also the basis of the 2016 History Channel documentary D.B. Cooper: Case Closed.

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? - Reception and subsequent events - Netflix

Prior to the release of the book and the week before all the circumstantial evidence from the investigation was to be presented to the FBI, the Seattle office canceled the long-planned meeting in April 2016. The Cooper case agent instead joined two bureau colleagues for a sit-down interview with History Channel, where they stated the 45-year-old file was being “administratively closed.” This video statement was held for the show’s July air date, where the FBI also added it would now only consider physical evidence, such as the parachute or more of the missing ransom cash. On September 8, 2016, Thomas Colbert along with attorney Mark Zaid filed a federal lawsuit in Washington, DC, to compel the FBI and Department of Justice to reopen the Cooper case files under the Freedom of Information Act. The complaint alleges that the FBI suspended its active investigation of the Cooper case " ... in order to undermine the theory that Rackstraw is D.B. Cooper, so as to prevent embarrassment for the Bureau’s failure to develop evidence sufficient to prosecute him for the crime." The FBI declined further comment. Rackstraw's lawyer, however – Dennis Roberts – denied his client was Cooper, calling all the renewed allegations “the stupidest thing I've ever heard.” In a 2013 email to attorney Zaid, Roberts had noted “Bobby [Rackstraw] always enjoyed letting people think he is D.B. Cooper.” Roberts’ client confirmed the fact in a face-to-face meeting with Colbert the same year, stating, “I told everybody I was (the skyjacker).” And in a forgotten 1979 TV news interview, rediscovered in an archive, Rackstraw had “brazenly hinted” he was the daredevil: “I coulda’ been. Coulda’ been. Well, should it be fiction or should it be fact? That’s primarily up to the American people someday, how that comes out.”

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