Crimes occultes - Netflix

Posted on Wed 21 March 2018 in netflix

This investigative series examines cases of murder motivated by a lethal mix of mental illness, role-playing rituals and bizarre religious beliefs.

Crimes occultes - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-07

Crimes occultes - Beasts of Satan - Netflix

The Beasts of Satan (Italian: Bestie di Satana) were a satanic group, members of which were tried and convicted of a series of satanic ritual murders between 1998 and 2004. The slayings were called “one of the most shocking crimes in post-war Italy” by the BBC.

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The crimes occurred against a background of growing concern in Italy that Satanism and the occult were becoming increasingly attractive to Italian youth. In February 2005, a Roman Catholic university connected to the Vatican began offering a two-month course on diabolical possession and exorcism for priests and seminarians. In reaction to the crimes, priest Don Aldo Buonaito called for death metal to be banned, saying “If music makes itself an instrument of nefarious deeds and death, it should be stopped.” In light of revelations from the Beasts of Satan investigation and trial, as well as growing public concern, Italian police stated their intention to create a special unit focusing on new religious sects, particularly Satanists and other violent ritualistic groups. It would coordinate nationwide investigations into potentially dangerous new religious movements, and planned to include psychologists and a priest who is an expert on the occult.

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