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We will follow employees during their work life of Will Auction, which is specialised in Art. Cha Yun Soo is hired as rookie with no experience nor background in arts, what's even more surprising about her hire is that her father has been convicted of art forgery. Due to hard work, she overcame those obstacles and proved she was worth to be trusted. Her dream is to become an auctioneer like her Superior Min Soo Rin. Oh Yoon Jae was a senior specialist at the firm and would do anything at any cost to uncover the truth.

Auction House - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-09-30

Auction House - House Rules (season 6) - Netflix

The sixth season of Australian reality television series House Rules began airing on 7 May 2018. The series is produced by the team who created the Seven reality show My Kitchen Rules and is hosted by Johanna Griggs. Season 6 was confirmed in June 2017 with Applications for the sixth season of House Rules open between 3 June & 31 August 2017 on the House Rules official network seven website. Season 6 was officially confirmed in October 2017. This season of House Rules will consist of new teams renovating each other's homes and further challenges for the ultimate prize of $355,000.

Auction House - Round 1 - Netflix

Episodes 31 to TBA Airdate — 26 to TBA June Description — In round 1 of the exterior renovations, 4 teams head to Maryborough and Hope Island to transform the gardens and backyards in 4 Days. Teams are allocated to a zone in the back yard of either Josh & Brandon's or Mel & Dave's.

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