Animal Underworld - Netflix

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Henry Rollins explores the complex relationship between humans and animals by investigating dangerous and seemingly taboo practices around the world.

Animal Underworld - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-05-28

Animal Underworld - List of death deities - Netflix

Deities associated with death take many different forms, depending on the specific culture and religion being referenced. Psychopomps, deities of the underworld, and resurrection deities are commonly called death deities in comparative religions texts. The term colloquially refers to deities that either collect or rule over the dead, rather than those deities who determine the time of death. However, all these types are included in this article. Many have incorporated a god of death into their mythology or religion. As death, along with birth, is among the major parts of human life, these deities may often be one of the most important deities of a religion. In some religions with a single powerful deity as the source of worship, the death deity is an antagonistic deity against which the primary deity struggles. The related term death worship has most often been used as a derogatory term to accuse certain groups of morally abhorrent practices which set no value on human life.

Animal Underworld - American mythology - Netflix

Mictecacihuatl (Aztec mythology), the chief death goddess; Queen of Mictlan (underworld) or Lady of the Dead Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec mythology), the chief death god; lord of the Underworld Cihuateteo (Aztec mythology), dead, roaming spirits; envoys of Mictlan Coatlicue (Aztec mythology), minor goddess of death, as well as the goddess of life and rebirth Itztlacoliuhqui (Aztec mythology), personification of winter-as-death Tlaloc (Aztec mythology), water god and minor death god; ruler of Tlalocan, a separate underworld for those who died from water-related death Xipe Totec (Aztec mythology), hero god, death god; inventor of warfare and master of plagues Xolotl (Aztec mythology), god of sunset, fire, lightning, and death Guédé or Ghede (Haitian Vodou) Ghede Nibo (Haitian Vodou) Baron Samedi, Baron La Croix, Baron Cimetiere, Baron Kriminel (Haitian Vodou) Maman Brigitte (Haitian Vodou) Camazotz Ixtab Maya death gods known under various names (Hunhau, Uacmitun Ahau, Kisin, Yum Kimil) Lord of Underworld in Maya mythology El Tío, lord of the underworld, in Cerro Rico, Bolivia Anguta, gatherer of the dead, Inuit mythology Chepi Aipaloovik, Inuit mythology Pana, Inuit mythology Luison, Guarani mythology Muut, Native American mythology Maximón San Pascualito Santa Muerte San La Muerte Ta'xet, Haida mythology Maquetauire Guayaba [Taino] Opiel Guabiron [Taino] Supay (Inca mythology) Vichama (Inca mythology)

Animal Underworld - References - Netflix