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Motto of the show "Aesthetics of the Soviet era: the life and dreams of the USSR!"


1922-1991 is not just a period of time, but an entire epoch with its own peculiarities, scientific discoveries, sport achievements, cultural phenomena. This era has left a legacy, which is still interesting and relevant. Someone is still nostalgic for his Soviet childhood spent in the pioneer camp. Someone at home keeps collections of stamps with Gagarin, porcelain Komsomol members and filings of the magazine Krokodil. Others revise the cheerful comedy of the thirties with Lubov Orlova and the post-war tales of Alexander Rowe. Everyone will find for themselves in the Soviet era something curious and fascinating.

"Made in the USSR" is a series of documentary programs dedicated to Soviet aesthetics and culture, everyday life of people and behind-the-scenes life of idols, high art and fleeting fashion.

Сделано в СССР - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Russian

Status: Running

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2011-07-25

Сделано в СССР - N.O.M. - Netflix

N.O.M. (also, NOM: Neformálnoye objedinénie molodiózhi, The Informal Youth Association) is a Soviet/Russian experimental rock band, formed in 1987 in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad), known for its mix of art rock, ska, folklore, classical influences (including occasional bouts of operatic singing) and eccentric theatrical stage shows. N.O.M.'s national breakthrough came in the late 1980s when LenTV started playing the band's controversial videos. Short-time heroes of post-Perestroika alternative culture, N.O.M. have never been accepted neither by the massive pop/rock audiences, nor by the mainstream Russian media, but gathered a strong cult following. The band split into two in 1997, but the 2000s saw NOM-Zhir and NOM-Euro gradually reintegrating, the official reunion concert held on 20 April 2007 in the Saint Petersburg's “Port” Club.

Сделано в СССР - The split - Netflix

In spring 1997 N.O.M. premiered their new sci-fi conceptual show Во имя разума (In the Name of Reason) in the Black Dog Club which was followed by the album of the same name released by SNC Records. On 20 March the band celebrated its 10th anniversary with the grandiose circus-like show in Saint Petersburg. Later that year came the unexpected announcement. The band split into Euro-NOM (Sergey Kagadeyev, Postnichenko and Nikolai Mayorov who contributed to the filming of “The Masters of the USSR”) and Zhir-NOM: Andrey Kagadeyev (bass, vocals), I.N. Tourist (vocals), Nikolai Gusev (keyboards) and (later, occasionally) A.Liver, Lapin recording with both. According to Burlaka, it was “the battle of egos” that caused the conflict: Kagadeev-junior was at this point was the band's frontman, while his elder brother its main songwriter.

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