За живе! - Netflix

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За живе! - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: Russian

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2015-04-20

За живе! - Tripo Smeća - Netflix

Tripo Smeća (Italian: Tripo Smecchia) (1755 – 25 September 1812) was a Venetian historian and writer from Perast, Bay of Kotor (today in Montenegro). He collected old manuscripts and transcribed popular poetry.

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Smeća's notable works include Italian language tragedy “Skanderbeg”, missing “History of our province” and “Scientific dictionary”. He was also mentioned as one of cartographers of Boka Kotorska. In 1785 his map of Boka Kotorska and Albania was printed in Venice. According to don Srećko Vulović, in his memoirs Smeća wrote in 1805 that chieftains of Montenegro refused to kill all Catholics from Boka Kotorska as proposed by some Orthodox leaders in the assembly. Like many other notable writers from Perast, Smeća used the library of Andrija Zmajević and under his influence recorded popular poetry. In 1810 Smeća transcribed a work of Timotej Cizila, the first writer of novels in Montenegro. He wrote a description of the battle between Ivan Bronza, the captain of ship “Costanza Guerriera”, and Ottoman fleet of 50 ships at Sipont in 1672.

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